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歡迎光臨 中國文化大學俄國語文學系


中國文化大學外國語文學院 105學年度第1學期 多元文化倫理講座(3)


 105學年度第1學期  多元文化倫理講座(3)




          Russia's World View

演講者:莫北協 紀柏梁 代表
           Mr. Dmitrii Polianskii
Representative, Representative Office in Taipei for the Moscow-Taipei

Coordination Commission on Economic and Cultural Cooperation (since January 2016)


地點:本校大孝館 8樓 柏英廳





If you want to understand more about Russia you would probably like to know what the Russians think about their country and the rest of the world – in terms of politics, economy, culture, history, etc. This lecture will reveal to you some beliefs and common thoughts shared by almost every Russian and some more things that you cannot find in the Western media. Does Pax Americana contribute to solving or creating more problems? Is the cooperation between Russia and mainland China that dangerous? Was the USSR really the evil empire after all? Join the lecture and learn more.

Born in 1971 in Moscow, USSR. In 1993 graduated from Moscow State University's (MGU) Institute of Asia and Africa, speciality - Arabic language and History. In 2001 graduated from Russian MFA Diplomatic Academy, speciality - international economic relations.
In 1994 joined Russian Foreign Ministry. Worked in Russian embassies in Tunisia, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Slovenia. Since 1999 was dealing with EU economic matters, spent 3 years in Russian Mission to the EU in Brussels and was Head of EU unit in Russian MFA.
In 2008-2011 was Deputy Ambassador to Poland, from 2011 until January 2016 - Deputy Director, First Department of CIS Countries. Dealt with Eurasian economic integration, matters related to the Eurasian Economic Union, functioning of the Customs Union and Single Economic space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan within WTO framework.

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